Jill Bent @ Home Organize + Design

Every home has a story to tell.  How will your home tell yours?  

Often, our homes define us.  They are a reflection of our experiences, hopes, and dreams.  

Growing up in a house built in 1820, I was surrounded by furniture and objects with histories that reached back a century or two.  Our house and its furnishings told the story of New England practicality and charm.

The Victorian house I live in now tells the story of my 21st century family of four and the things that reflect our own family history.  Furniture and objects passed down from our families reside with flea market treasures, eclectic artwork and newer furnishings.  Our home tells the story of us.  

Since 2008, I’ve been working in the design field to bring you handmade and vintage housewares.

Now it feels natural to add Jill Bent @ Home Organize + Design to the mix.   Inspired by simplicity, order, and thoughtful design, I'd like to work with you to organize and refresh your home.  

Together, we'll help your home tell its story.